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Reservations are Required

  • You must make a reservation each time you use a room. 
  • Advanced reservations are recommended, but you can reserve an open room when you show up. 
  • Time Limit: Max of three (3) hours in one day [continuous or non-continous].
    • Please don't piggy-back reservations with friends and monopolize a room for the whole day. 
  • Group Reservations: Please "name" your group for others to see where to meet you. 
    (ex. Biology Final prep)

Common Courtesies

  • Cancel unused reservations. A cancellation link is in your room confirmation email.
  • Give others a few moments to gather their belongings before your reservation begins.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Return whiteboard markers to the circulation desk.
  • Keep the air purifier on. 
  • Leave the door open when you leave [fresh air for the next person!].